What do you think number 1 is?

the world is your oyster, and all that~


What do you think number 1 is?

the world is your oyster, and all that~

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Cheers for all your advice!!! ^ ^

no problem!!!


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can’t keep me away from vatos tbh.

so good

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Hi again, I was the one that asked about packing stuff. First of all, you are super helpful and thanks a lot for such a good description! Second, sorry to be annoying but do you know what sort of medical insurance you got for the year? ^^

awwh thank you! You’re not annoying at all~ 

I have insurance from American express *whacks out forms* for my travel insurance. It’s their ‘gap year’ cover plan, and even though it’s not the cheapest, my parents decided it was best suited to what I wanted to do. Basically it lets me do everything except white-water rafting and other extreme, dicing with death kind of sports (sky diving, bungee jumping..).

The policy itself excludes any pre-existing medical conditions not declared + accepted for cover (so always remember to tell your insurer exactly what you already have!). But I also get baggage insurance, a bunch of other stuff like compensation if my flight’s delayed (or hijacked….) emergency dental treatment, emergency fund transfer, legal expenses… it’s basically a total-insurance package and I do really recommend getting a total-insurance package if you can afford it because it makes life a lot easier. 

If not, then please please please get medical insurance!!! just in case, y’know. <3

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Hey, I'm going to korea this year for a study abroad year and wondered if you could tell me the sorts of things you packed in your suitcase before you left. Any necessary things that would be helpful to bring. Thanks!


I packed clothes. Lots of clothes and I kind of wish I didn’t because now I have to pack them all back up again (+ more) and it’s Not Fun. As in, boxes have had to be packed and shipped levels of Not Fun. So I’d say take what you need and what you love, and if you forget something you can always buy it! Plus the fashion out here is kind of, unique aha. (Clothing essentials: if you have large feet [bigger than 250cm for girls]: shoes; if you’re a girl and have a bigger bust size than a 34c, bras; wellies/rain boots for those lovely spontaneous downpours.) Socks here are super, super cheap.

Other-stuff wise: if you’re planning to stay in an apartment: BEDDING. as in, pillow cases and fitted/flat sheets. LIKE I LITERALLY CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH THEY ARE SO HARD TO FIND THEY PRACTICALLY DON’T EXIST OUT HERE BECAUSE BEDDING IS DIFFERENT. :D

Other than travel sized toiletries, textbooks, money (if you can find a type of card that lets you load money on + take them out at atm’s for free, this is REALLY USEFUL i.e. caxton fx cards. Like I honestly cannot express how useful this sort of thing is, even if you set up a korean bank account.) 

Obvious things like passport, documents, everything that you can think of that needed to be printed, photocopy it and bring the original + photocopy and a backup just IN CASE. also a bunch of passport-style photos will come in really handy when you want to get your ARC done.

I’d also say bring things that remind you of home. Nothing super super valuable that you’d be really upset if it got lost (or stolen), but little reminders for the times when the homesickness hits. 

MEDICATION: if you need any special medication, get a years supply from your doctor and bring it with you. You can get certain things sent out to you, but you’d have to check with the post office and there may be customs duties. Other things like asperin/pain killers/hayfever tablets/savlon (uSEFUL)/hydrocortisone (rEALLY USEFUL for bites and stings!!) etc you can pop in your suitcase (not your carry on)/

That’s all I can think of right now? I also bought my psp for entertainment purposes, and a decent camera for photo’s :3 

Good luck with your Y/A!!! Enjoy it!!

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public house+, garosugil. you know you want to go.
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For reseach purposes



I kinda wanna know how many seoul tumblr users there are.

Reblog if ur ass is in seoul

Okay then~

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Clubs in Seoul: The Rundown →



so yeh. have a little read if you like to club and are heading to seoul any time soon. 

much love <3

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